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How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Fast

cellulite6bDo you suffer from cellulite? Do dimples on your thighs, hips or butt make you feel unattractive? Do you feel embarrassed in a swimsuit?

Cellulite is a word women hate the most. It is almost impossible to get rid of and kills your self-esteem and confidence. It effects over 80% of women, no matter their age or weight.

But did you know cellulite is a hormonal problem? When women have low estrogen levels, bands made of collagen under the skin shrink, causing dimples in the skin (cellulite). The skin also loses it’s elasticity making cellulite even worse. And like the brakes in your car, they need regular maintenance to function best.

So what’s the solution? There are any number of failed cellulite products on the market. Expensive and risky ‘spa treatments’ that can cause permanent scarring and injury, creams and lotions full of chemicals and massage brushes that simply don’t treat the underlying cause of cellulite. The cellulite market is confusing, mystifying and for millions of women it just doesn’t work.

That’s why a team of renowned, award-winning scientists in Switzerland have been working for years to create a simple, complete cellulite solution. A solution that works fast, is easy to follow and actually gets rid of cellulite permanently.

After a substantial investment of time and resources, they finally created a solution that delivers as promised. This new solution is called “Cellulite Disappear” and delivers stunning results.

It’s so effective because of a simple, but ingenious idea. Instead of temporarily reducing cellulite with creams, wraps and brushes, they wanted to find a way to permanently reverse the root cause of cellulite.

The researchers discovered that low levels of estrogen in the body causes shrinking of the collagen bands that hold everything in place under your skin.

As collagen weakens, the bands that hold your fat, muscles and skin together shrink, causing the dimples, lumps and bumps known as cellulite.

The good news is they found a natural protein that quickly rebuilds and regrows shrunken collagen bands back to normal.

This protein (IGF-1) is already produced by your body in small amounts. So instead of simply supplementing the body with unnatural synthesized chemicals, which could have unreliable, and possibly dangerous results, they wanted a way safely ‘boost’ the production of IGF-1 naturally.

They managed to increase the level of IGF-1 in their test patients just by using a combination of certain foods, which created a visible difference in cellulite in just 3 weeks.

“Cellulite Disappear” is currently the only product on the market to use this cutting-edge research and has now helped 45,107 women around the world to reverse their cellulite naturally.

The Cellulite Disappear guide contains a 3 week plan which tells you which foods to add to your diet, and the specific combinations to eat them in. These are inexpensive foods available from your local grocery store.

It involves no dieting, no exercise, no muscle building or creams – which as we know now are ineffective in reducing cellulite, and simply a waste of time and money.

The guide is now available online as an instant download and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so there’s no risk to give it a try.

If you want to get rid of those ugly dimples and lumps from your thighs, hips and butt and experience soft, silky smooth skin that looks and feels amazing, then I highly recommend you grab a copy of “Cellulite Disappear” right now from the website below:

Best 4 Exercises To Get Rid Of Cellulite

4-best-exercisesAre you sick of wearing jeans during hot summer days just to hide your cellulite? Are you spending too much money on anti-cellulite creams? Are you ready to discover the safest and cheapest way of reducing cellulite? Here, you will discover the 4 best lower body exercises to get noticeable results in under 30 days.

Today, there are many workouts which claim to get rid of cellulite but not all of them are effective. Cellulite is nothing more than fat showing through the skin which can be reduced with some targeted exercises.

However, you must know the right moves, have proper blood circulation, balance of hormones and good nutrition. It is also important to know that cellulite can appear on anyone. It doesn’t discriminate.

Here are the 4 best exercises to reduce the appearance of cellulite:

1. All Fours/Glute Kickback

This exercise targets the gluteal muscles and requires you to have ankle weights for better results but you can start out without them. It is a two-step exercise:

· Put on your ankle weights (if you’re using them) and get down on your knees and forearms.
Ensure that your weight is supported by your arms rather than your hands. Your back should be straight while your head faces downward while you look at the floor.

· Now, lift your right leg outward slowly until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Flex your foot throughout the session. Stay in this position for several seconds and return to the original position. After finishing with the right leg, switch to your left. Repeat 10-15 times for each leg.

Tip: Do not hunch or arch your back to prevent it from stressing. If you don’t have ankle weights, you can simply do more repetitions.

2. Side Lunges

This exercise aims to work out your abductors, hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps. You will require dumbbells. If you want the exercise to be easier, you can put away the dumbbells. Here is what you should do:

· While in a standing position, put your legs together in front of you with your toes pointing straight. Keep your back straight and flat. Take a dumbbell on each hand and rest them on your hips.

· Now, take a huge step to the left and bend your left knee until the thigh is parallel to the floor. Your butt should not dip below your knee and the knee should not cover your toes.

Stay in this position for a few seconds, return to your starting position and carry on to the right side without taking a break.

Tip: Hold the dumbbells up at your shoulders to make the exercise more challenging.

3. Squat and Side Kick

You will need some ankle weights to perform this exercise. This workout targets the hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, glutes and abductor muscles. Here is what you should do:

· Put on your ankle weights and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your hands on your hips and elbows should be out to the sides. The toes should be slightly pointed out.

· Bend the knees and squat back as if you are trying to sit down. Maintain your back in a flat position and keep your knees from covering the toes. When the thighs are parallel to the floor, stop.

· Stay in this posture for a few seconds and straighten your legs. Now, lift your left leg out to the side as you stand and maintain this for 2 seconds and return to the original position. Repeat using your right leg.

Tip: You can push yourself just a little by holding a light dumbbell in each hand as you do the moves.

4. V-Leg Pulls

If you are looking forward to work out your outer thighs, then this is the perfect exercise. You only require an exercise (resistance) band. This exercise will not only reduce the appearance of cellulite but will give you much greater balance. During the exercise, ensure that your back is flat on the floor and your torso is not twisted.

· Tie the exercise band around your ankles loosely and lie on your back. Place your arms at your sides. Lift both legs straight up so they are above your hips and spread your feet apart until the band is slightly tight. Next, flex your feet forward.

· Spread your legs slowly apart as far as you can until the tension becomes too strong for your legs. Stay in this position for a few seconds and close your legs slowly back to their original position. Repeat 10-15 times.

Tip: If balancing is a problem, you can lie next to a chair and use it’s legs for support.